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Cupcakes are party cakes

Our cupcakes are ideal for small parties and come in an endless array of flavours.


All cakes are muffin-sized and flavours include: lemon, vanilla, coffee and walnut, chocolate, red velvet, caramac, cola or chocolate orange. I also do vanilla or chocolate cup cakes with chocolate-dipped strawberries and fresh raspberries with white chocolate cigarillos.


Cupcakes are ideal for small parties and the children love them.


Corporate cupcakes

Our tasty Norfolk cup cakes are equally popular at major events and occasions, or corporate events, across Norfolk and beyond and we can use icing toppers to incorporate company logos or crests into the design to help ‘brand’ a business event.


We generally make cupcakes in batches of six or 12 but we're also happy to bake in larger amounts, as well as producing vanilla or chocolate vegan cupcakes and vanilla gluten-free cupcakes.


Hand-made decorations

All our muffin-sized cupcakes are decorated with butter cream or ganache to any flavour required.


We also create hand-made decorations.  Fully edible glitter and icing toppers can also be used on cakes, for example, on Harry Potter themed cakes or baby faces for Christening and baby shower cakes.


Cupcake bouquets

Cupcake bouquets can help set off an occasion and be a real talking point for your party guests. They are effectively edible floral displays and we can make them in all shapes, colours and guises.


One popular theme we use for a cupcake bouquet is to display it in a hurricane lamp with an oasis block and metal cupcake holders filled with my baked creations and presented as a floral bouquet.


When the cakes have been eaten, the recipient has an attractive hurricane lamp as a permanent gift. The hurricane lamp design costs £25 but I also create cupcake displays in ceramic pots for £18.



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